Well, I did it. I finally gave in and started a blog…about fitness. Who knew, right? Well – for those of you who know me, you know how much I love a good sweat-fest. In fact, it was because of some of my dearest friends and family (you know who you are!) that I’m sitting here blogging for you today. They’ve all had enough of my Facebook updates that revolve around fitness (or coffee or wine, depending on who you ask and what day of the week it is!) and are equally sick of hearing about my latest morning workouts that I figured it was time for an outlet to share all of my workout-related adventures.

So, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I bring you: EatDrinkBreatheSweat. The reason for the name? Well – before I launched this blog, being the Type-A person that I am, I did some research. What I found was a bunch of weight-loss related blogs and hard-core certified personal trainer-type blogs but no blog for the fitness fanatics that simply love to workout but also know how to enjoy life. So while I truly do love, love, love working out – from running to spinning to stepping to kickboxing and weight-lifting – I also love to eat, drink, and live (aka “breathe”) life to the fullest. Recent events in my life have really taught me how short and fragile life truly is. So why would I want to spend it as a “tortured soul” (more on this in a future post, I promise), never allowing myself to indulge in some of my favorites (wine, chocolate, cheese, pizza, and the list goes on)? Well, I wouldn’t and don’t intend to.

Instead – I do what I love every morning: I work out, and hard. My current workout forte includes: running (inside and out, 5ks, 5-milers, hopefully a 10k someday soon), spinning, kickboxing, doing Cathe Friedrich (I’m a huge fan – more on this later) workouts (hard-core weight-lifting, step routines, shock cardio and more) and even a little Core Fusion.

I work out hard so I can play even harder. And so far? It’s never done me wrong. I’m in a very good place in my life and I owe it to the “embrace the balance” mantra I’ve adopted

So check back often – I’ll be posting about everything from the latest workouts that brought me to my knees, to what motivates me on those cold winter mornings in New England, to everything in between.

9 thoughts on “EatDrinkBreathe…Sweat?

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