Trust His Timing.

In the words of Joel Osteen:

Trust His Timing. 

#teamsutera has been waiting patiently. Hoping and praying for a peek around the corner in our path together — but lately, we’ve been particularly focused on the bend in the road on Scott’s path. As so many of you know, Scott found himself unemployed for a second time, and this time it stung a lot more — being pulled away from a job that he is so passionate about has been nothing short of heartbreaking for him…and for me, the wifey, the one who has tried to put on the strong, supportive face when really, all this wifey wanted to do was curl up in a ball, cry and yell out “it’s not fair!”

But instead, we both took a step back…remembering that thing called faith. The need to blindly trust that our paths would become clear for both of us. And in the meantime, we were blessed with a new job for me, one that inspires me and brings new life to my ‘day job’ while I still have the freedom to continue to pursue my ‘other job’ as a barre n9ne instructor.


And just as we were both settling into the notion of Scott being unemployed for the long haul — His timing became clear to us. Just like that. And this week? Scott stepped back through the front door of the school he taught at last year. He’s back doing what he loves — teaching munchkins the skills and tools they’ll need to grow up to be smart, intuitive, and eager young adults. And when I say ‘munchkins’ I mean it — this year he’ll be teaching first and soon enough, third grade. I have to giggle at the thought — every time I think of Scott in front of the first (or third) grade classroom, all I can think about is Kindergarten Cop, hehe. ;-)

But back to my point here — Trust His Timing. Never doubt. And most of all, do not fear the unknowns in life. It’s become very clear to me lately that it’s the unknowns in our days, weeks, months and years that wind up being the most rewarding, worth-the-wait, twists and turns in our paths.

And now…because I can’t help myself: is he *not* the cutest elementary school teacher you’ve ever seen?? <3